The Bluejay Contrivance (2020) – 400 pages; $12.49 paperback/$8.99 eBook

Near the end of World War II, Lieutenant Peter Roebling of German Military Intelligence offends a fanatical SS colonel and rubs salt in the wound by defecting to the Allies to become a Nazi hunter. The SS officer takes a terrible revenge. Fast forward 30 years and the two men are locked in mortal combat in South America. There the colonel lives incognito and Roebling, now working for the CIA, sets out on a mission to thwart a fascist plot in which the Nazi may be a player. Can veteran agent Peter Roebling and an amateur cadre of Christian activists derail the conspiracy? The answer lies at the end of a desperate journey up menacing tropical rivers.





The Golden SpiderThe Golden Spider (2012) – 176 pages; $2.99 Kindle/$7.99 paper

A fantasy novel for middle graders, The Golden Spider is rich enough in story and vocabulary to appeal to young adults as well. The cosmic battle of good versus evil and life against death plays out in the adventures of Jeremy Taylor, his friends Sandy and Zack, his wise and telepathic cat, and the golden alien who leads them on a cosmic journey. Together, they battle a wily and titanic dragon in search of a sacred book that contains the key to Earth’s salvation.